Porcelain or Gold Crowns


Porcelain or Gold Crowns

Teeth that have been heavily restored, badly broken, fractured, traumatised or root filled can require a tooth crown.

At Riverside Dental we take great care in the preparation of your tooth for a crown. We make use of the latest electric motor hand pieces and diamond coated tipped burs, as well as enhanced magnification including the latest Seiler Evolution XR6 Dental microscope. Tooth crowns strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure by completely surrounding it and will also improve your smile. A dental crown is available in different materials from aesthetically pleasing ‘all porcelain’ crowns to all gold crowns. At Riverside Dental we will help to make the decision of which crown will work best for you.

The procedure for a crown to be placed onto a tooth usually requires two visits. During the first appointment, Dr. Patrick will remove any disease or decay from the tooth to ensure that the foundation is strong. And then shape the tooth, ready for an impression or mould to be taken. A temporary crown made of plastic is constructed and placed over the tooth until the next visit. The moulds are then dispatched to the dental technician who constructs the crown to fit precisely to the mould. At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is tried attached and checked for its fit. Minor adjustments are often made and once the patient has accepted the feel and the look of the crown it is cemented into place.

Dental crowns have a lifetime of approximately 7-10 years with some lasting a lot longer. At Riverside Dental we offer 5 years’ warranty on some of our crowns so you have the peace of mind in knowing that we stand by what we produce. For this warranty to be valid you must attend active maintenance appointments (minimum of 6 monthly unless otherwise stated) and fulfil any adjunctive treatment recommendations (eg night splints).


porcelain or gold crowns

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