Porcelain and Composite fillings

If you require a filling, we offer sophisticated and gentle procedures using state of the art materials. Traditionally fillings have been made of silver amalgam or mercury and aren’t very aesthetically pleasing and these metal fillings are also thought to put the tooth at a higher risk for fracture. The metal technique has been used successfully for over 150 years, however these fillings are being replaced rapidly by tooth coloured porcelain and composite fillings.

Porcelain and composite fillings are basically undetectable because they can be matched so well to your teeth. Functionally they are superior to metal fillings as they won’t become loose, fall out or hinder the structure of your tooth.

Tooth coloured resin or composite works really well in smaller holes or cavities but once you have a large cavity from a fracture or replacement of an old amalgam filling porcelain can have significant benefits. Fillings are available in tooth coloured resin or porcelain. Porcelain and composite fillings provide functionality and superior aesthetic results compared with metal fillings and many patients choose to replace their old fillings with these options.

Compared to silver, amalgam fillings, composite and porcelain fillings are more expensive. The regular composite fillings last around 5-7 years, silver fillings can last 10-15 years however porcelain fillings can last for decades. Maintenance plays a bigger role in how long filling lasts and the cleaner you keep them and the less pressure and friction they are exposed to, the longer it will be before they need changing.

We monitor your dental health to find the best possible solution for you and endeavour to minimise the need for fillings through preventing future dental problems. Remember why you needed to have a filling in the first place and implement a regular brushing and flossing routine, and also stick to a healthy teeth diet.



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