Hygiene & Care of your Teeth

18 Nov

Hygiene for Preventive and Periodontal Care

A visit to our Oral Health Therapist will leave your teeth polished to perfection. An Oral Health Therapist or Dental Hygienist is licensed by the Dental Board of Australia to perform oral hygiene with an emphasis on gum health through the cleaning of teeth.

Your hygiene appointment normally consists of having your teeth professionally scaled, polished, a topical fluoride gel application, oral hygiene instructions as required and screening for gum disease.

Maintaining your oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your mouth as healthy teeth and gums not only make your smile look good they make it possible for you to eat and speak properly. Preventing problems in your mouth is the key to keeping you in great shape. Having good oral hygiene is crucial for not only your mouth health but your entire body’s health. Gum infections and periodontal disease is related to heart disease and stroke but with regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings can help to prevent these serious conditions.

Brushing your teeth regularly at home can reduce your chances of developing infections as the bacteria that lives in your mouth that create abscessed teeth can also cause infections of the heart, lungs and even the brain. Daily preventative care is important to stop these problems before they develop and it’s much less painful and expensive to seek preventative care.

Our hygiene team makes sure that they educate you on how best to look after your teeth and gums at home, in addition to your regular dental visits. Other areas that may be discussed during this appointment include whitening of teeth, diet (sugar/decay, acid wear related), electric tooth brushes, mouth rinses and other special cleaning devices. On leaving your visit with our hygienist you will have been provided with everything you need to know to maintain your gleaming smile and have a renewed desire to floss, regularly.