What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

2 Nov

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is comprehensive oral care that combines science and art to optimally improve dental health, aesthetics and function.

People want their teeth to be white and bright below are a couple of options that can help you achieve those results.


A great way to start getting brighter smile is through whitening, either an in office or a take home kit.

Take Home Kits

Take home kits are professionally made from individual impressions of your mouth and custom made thin mouth-guard like trays that fit exactly over your teeth. The gel or bleach is placed in the tray and and then in the mouth  and then the stains are lifted out of the teeth over a period of few days to weeks depending on the extent of colour change required. Your dentist needs to decide if your a good candidate. If you have gum disease or dental decay that needs to be taken care of first. Almost all systems provided by your dentist work. Maintenance is essential and using the trays with gel once or twice a month is usually sufficient to maintain the look.

Upside: Will effectively whiten the teeth by a number of shades and look fantastic. Cost effective when compared to other treatment options.

Downside: The individual has to spend the time at home doing the whitening. It will not whiten crowns,bridges, veneers or fillings. Can create sensitivity for 24-48hrs after the whitening treatment.

In office Whitening

In the chair at the dentist. The teeth are usually isolated using a liquid dam that is painted onto the gum. The gel usually a higher concentration of carbemide/hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth for periods of 10-30 minutes(depending on the system) sessions two or three times. This treatment will usually lift the colour of the teeth immediately, but with any system it is essential to maintain the colour with a at home kit at least once or twice a month application. Otherwise the results will quickly fade.

Upside. The teeth are whitened in about an hour.

Downside: Lasting effects are mixed.  Continued maintenance and possibly looking at another session in 12-18 months. Costs more than the take home kits.